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Culinary Bootcamps

Have you always wanted to go to culinary school, but lack the time to attend class full time? Culinary boot camps by Savory Celebration offer an attractive solution where you will receive one-on-one, personalized culinary training with our highly trained chefs on your schedule. During our session you will learn much more than how to prepare recipes. You will take away a thorough understanding of the culinary arts. For the beginners we will teach:

  1. product knowledge and identification
  2. knife skills
  3. meat and seafood fabrication
  4. soups and stocks
  5. dry heat cooking methods
  6. moist heat cooking methods
  7. vegetable cookery
  8. flavor dynamics
  9. menu creation
  10. improvisation
  11. palate development
Cooking Classes

For the seasoned foodie there are options to hone your skills from modern cooking techniques such as sous vide meats, to learning a different regional cuisine. We are here to educate you on being a chef, not just on how to regurgitate new recipes. That said, these boot camps are about our clients, the above details are possible examples of what a bootcamp could cover. We encourage clients to research what goals they would personally like to accomplish during their bootcamp, then leave it to us to build a curriculum that provides them with the perfect boot camp experience. However, our chefs are more than happy to create a custom set of sessions based on your current interests and skill level that they feel would be the best experience for you.

Bootcamps for your Student

Consider a Savory Celebration Boot camp for your aspiring culinary student as an alternative to working in a restaurant kitchen. Instead of spending their summers cleaning dishes and making salads, they will learn their basic and advanced techniques with a professional chef. This experience will give them the confidence and knowledge needed to be a rockstar in even the most competitive programs around the country.

Liquid Nitrigen

Savory Celebration can hold bootcamps in the comfort of your own home using our professional equipment or we would be more than happy to arrange the use of a professional off site kitchen. Bootcamp sessions are 5 hours daily and don't worry, we’ll make sure you have firm grasp on the day’s lessons before we head out for the evening. Enroll in a bootcamp today!

Pricing starts at:

1 person 2 people
$750 per day
(3 day minimum)
$1100 per day
(3 day minimum)

What’s included in the event?

  1. All required equipment
  2. Dishes and flatware
  3. All food and shopping
  4. Any required support crew
  5. Setup and teardown
  6. Cleanup
Cooking Classes Setup
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