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Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook simple, delicious food and hone your culinary skills with our 100% hands on cooking classes. Our classes are centered around our clients and can be customized specifically for any type of culinary experience they prefer. Our classes teach:

  1. knife skills
  2. culinary basics
  3. ethnic cuisines
  4. advanced cooking skills
  5. baking
  6. healthy cooking
  7. gluten free
  8. vegan meal preparation
Cooking Classes

and are great entertainment for a bachelor or bachelorette party. We specializes in on-site learning where we bring the restaurant to you. Looking to have a cooking class at the office or in the privacy of your own home? Do you feel that you lack the necessary setup to facilitate the event? We will bring a fully functional kitchen to you complete with stove tops, convection ovens, and any other equipment required to give you the ideal culinary experience. Our full service classes include shopping, setup/teardown, and all cleanup, schedule a class today!

Pricing starts at:

2 people 3-4 people 5-7 people 8-12 people 13+ people
$250 per person $185 per person $150 per person $100 per person $85 per person

If you are interested in a one on one cooking class, check out our culinary bootcamps.

Prices are based on included sample and custom menus with similar layouts. If more elaborate menus or specialty ingredients are needed there may be an additional surcharge.

What’s included in the event?

  1. All cooking equipment and food needed for the event
  2. Chef staff as well as support staff
  3. Setup and cleanup of the event
  4. Cooking packets containing tips and recipes
  5. Beverage station, if needed
  6. Rental equipment procurement
  7. Platters and serving utensils
Cooking Classes Setup

Sample Menus:

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